Kera Care Thermal Wonder Wash Day

Im definitely taking it back with this one! I used to use Kera Care products when I was in high school a long time ago, and now I want to start using it again full time! One thing that I always associate Kera Care products with is the fresh tingling sensation you get with these products. I’ve never felt that before with another other hair products and I really enjoy the feeling. Ill break down my wash day with some pros and cons:


  • Sulfate Free
  • Great Lather
  • The prepoo gives a lot of slip and moisture to the hair
  • Tingle sensation makes your scalp feel amazing!
  • I can feel the “thermal protectant” working while using the prepoo



  • Shampoo is drying after second wash
  • Products burns your eyes

Although this product is for naturally curly hair I wanted to try it out since Im three months post relaxer and I knew flat ironing would be a challenge. The thought of my whole wash day routine helping with the flatiron process is amazing! For chemically treated hair though, I would shampoo then use the prepoo. OR you can use the Kera Care moisturizing conditioner after you shampoo.

Do I feel like treatment helped with the straightening process?

Being that I used silk elements heat protect and not the Kera Care line I would say yes and no. Yes because I felt silk agents in the prepoo and I knew that contribution came in handy while flat ironing. I would say no because I didn’t use the whole line for my routine and Im not sure if that affected the results in any way!

Would I use this line again?

Yes of course! Since being in cosmetology school I’ve grown an appreciation for salon products. I know that using the same line also affects the results because the formula is made to work with the product line. AND not to mention the bottles are sealed so no one has been in the store taking your product!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away!

Until next time,

Do what you love, love what you do.


Versatility | Curly Girl Series

Happy New Year! Welcome to my very first post of the new year! In light of the obvious chances to my site, i’m super excited to tell you about all the plan I have for 2018.

First things first I did this awesome photoshoot with my photographer (@sheepishnarco) to start my versatile series I plan to showcase on my channel. Last year I promised more visuals of different hair styles so this year I want to keep it going with more and more hair ideas for you guys to recreate or get some ideas from. I will show this not only with my own hair but also through protective styles.

Secondly, I will be bringing more healthy hair tips to my channel. Since I’ve been in cosmetology school it has inspired me to learn more about the ins and out of healthy hair. I will be trying out different teas, products and anything else i can get my hands on to dibble and dab in things that can contribute to healthy hair on my channel. It’s so amazing all the components that make up one strand of hair it just reminds me of how amazing god really is.

Lastly, I’ve been doing some giveaways on my channel in the month of December and I decided to announce the winners all here! I had lots of fun going to the store picking up all the products and tools for you guys! Im sure this giveaway was well over $100 but, I wanted to show my appreciation and further more help you guys start off your hair journey the right way this year.

I’ve announced a winner already on my give away video but got no response so these are the current winners. I took in consideration all the rules of the contest plus familiar names of my consistent supporters.

The Winners are:

#1 Wendy Wallace

#2 Stephanie Beauvais

#3 Lashawnta Gandy

#4 Libby L

#5 Millennial Diva

Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for all the support! Please Email me at to claim your prize with your name and address!

Until next time,

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My Relaxed Hair Won’t Grow, Help!

“Girl I’m trying to get my hair long like your but it keeps coming out! What do i need to do? “

I get so many direct messages on Instagram and Facebook from women who are having trouble with their relaxed hair. Before they do the big chop they want to give their relaxed hair a second chance at life! I don’t know the circumstance or condition everyone’s hair is in, but I do know a couple of question you ladies can ask yourself when getting your hair to grow.

  • What type of relaxer am I using?
  • Do I implement protein treatments into my regimen?
  • Do I deep condition?
  • Do I care for my hair while in protective styles?

These are just some of the questions I ask when there is no length retention. I explain these steps and more in a detail video on my channel! Check it out!

“The front half of my head is thriving and getting longer while the back of my hair continues to break, what would you recommend?”

– Do What You Love, Love What You DO!

The Best Relaxed Hair Perm Rod Set



With the many perm rod set tutorials on YouTube I never came across one that was demonstrated on relaxed hair with a BIG voluminous end result. I wondered why I couldn’t find what I was looking for and that made me want to come up with something myself, so I did.

All relaxed hair is different but what I do know is that shrinkage for natural ladies is on their side when it comes to styles holding and even looking great after a few days. With relaxed hair we have to think of what makes our hair flourish in a style and what will make it hold without being too hard and still have movement.

So with that being said I came up with the BEST way to achieve this style for relaxed, texlaxed, and natural haired ladies. The products that were used are:

-Heat Protectant: Silk Elements Mega Silk Heat protectant spray
-Bronner Brothers oil moisturizer
-Oil sheen
-Bronner Brothers Wrapping lotion foam (Alcohol free)
-Bronner Brothers Anti-Frizz Serum

The tutorial is broken down into two parts, Click the links below and watch away! I hope this helps and cheers to Happy Hair Stylin!

-Do What You Love, Love What You Do

Part 1
Part 2




Unleash The “Beast”


Nope, the beast isn’t my wild blown out hair blowing in the wind. It’s actually something that has held me back from leaping and taking risk in the past. It’s caused me to be left confused thinking what will my life be? How could I have a promising career if I don’t know what exactly makes me happy?

The mind is a powerful tool, so one night I let my mind take me deep into my thoughts. It’s amazing what it had pulled out because these were all things that I was familiar with. But this time they all aligned themselves and made sense for the first time. It’s like my heart had it all but my mind had finally put things into perspective.

So yes, I know what it feels like to want so many things in life but feel like its impossible. Maybe your parents don’t approve, maybe others don’t understand your vision, and it may even be blurry to you at first. But just know if you even spark a interest in something go for it. Don’t let you insecurities get the best of you because I promise it all will make sense in the end.

The day I chose to do what my heart desired was when my ” beast” was unleashed. Although the road to understanding it all was very blurry I kept my goals in mind and kept pressing forward. and because of my ambition things are starting to become transparent.

Do what you love, love what you do


Why I Love My Relaxed Hair Tag#

FullSizeRender (1)
Photographer |IG: Sheepishnarco

Starting off the new year with an idea that had been on my mind. When god was ready for it to come to forum he placed it in my mind, my heart, and right in front of my eyes. We all know that as of lately going “Natural” has been “the move”. Don’t get me wrong I am very proud of these changes because it’s very beneficial. But I’ve come across many women that were regretful, confused, and just following the crowd.

I wear many hats and one of those being a hairstylist. I love all my clients they bring me so much joy, new ideas, and great conversation. Which was a great force behind my idea of  this hair tag. Many clients and others have asked me “are you relaxed?” and after I would say yes they would immediately respond and ask “Why?”.

So at first, I had to process that being relaxed wasn’t apart of the society norms anymore even though the same women asking me that question were relaxed not too long ago. In my new project (not yet released) I compared natural vs. relaxed to the light skinned vs. dark skinned issue. I noticed that as African American women their is always SOMETHING used to separate and categorize our race as if it isn’t enough of that going on in the world already.

“Growing up it was ‘your pretty for a dark skinned girl’ and now this,  i’m just wondering when is it going to stop?”

I had to ask myself why did I really love my relaxed hair because now it was being questioned, challenged, and frowned upon. By the people who say “you really shouldn’t put chemicals in your hair” and “you don’t love the natural tresses that grow from your head”.

For me that was not true at all. Being relaxed is a choice and it isn’t something that I did because everyone else was doing it or that it was acceptable to society. I’ve been relaxed since I was a small child and its always worked for me. I love my hair straight and I can wear my hair in many different styles and it is very flexible and versatile. My hair is very healthy and thick and this is true for many many relaxed women around the world.

It looks really nice, I enjoy your videos because it’s getting harder to find relaxed ladies to follow. Keep up the great work!! 🙂

-Kalisha Jones

Being relaxed is a choice, just like being natural is a choice, just like bleaching your hair, what you eat for dinner, and what you chose to learn. Relaxed ladies don’t be discouraged, don’t give up on something just to follow the trend. I know it’s hard to do when all you see is naturalista’s all over, but I am here and hopefully more relaxed ladies will join me in telling you WHY WE LOVE OUR RELAXED HAIR and just maybe it’ll help you love your relaxed hair too.

Do what you love, and love what you do.