My Relaxed Hair Won’t Grow, Help!

“Girl I’m trying to get my hair long like your but it keeps coming out! What do i need to do? “

I get so many direct messages on Instagram and Facebook from women who are having trouble with their relaxed hair. Before they do the big chop they want to give their relaxed hair a second chance at life! I don’t know the circumstance or condition everyone’s hair is in, but I do know a couple of question you ladies can ask yourself when getting your hair to grow.

  • What type of relaxer am I using?
  • Do I implement protein treatments into my regimen?
  • Do I deep condition?
  • Do I care for my hair while in protective styles?

These are just some of the questions I ask when there is no length retention. I explain these steps and more in a detail video on my channel! Check it out!

“The front half of my head is thriving and getting longer while the back of my hair continues to break, what would you recommend?”

– Do What You Love, Love What You DO!


Unleash The “Beast”


Nope, the beast isn’t my wild blown out hair blowing in the wind. It’s actually something that has held me back from leaping and taking risk in the past. It’s caused me to be left confused thinking what will my life be? How could I have a promising career if I don’t know what exactly makes me happy?

The mind is a powerful tool, so one night I let my mind take me deep into my thoughts. It’s amazing what it had pulled out because these were all things that I was familiar with. But this time they all aligned themselves and made sense for the first time. It’s like my heart had it all but my mind had finally put things into perspective.

So yes, I know what it feels like to want so many things in life but feel like its impossible. Maybe your parents don’t approve, maybe others don’t understand your vision, and it may even be blurry to you at first. But just know if you even spark a interest in something go for it. Don’t let you insecurities get the best of you because I promise it all will make sense in the end.

The day I chose to do what my heart desired was when my ” beast” was unleashed. Although the road to understanding it all was very blurry I kept my goals in mind and kept pressing forward. and because of my ambition things are starting to become transparent.

Do what you love, love what you do