Bisou Product Review

It seems like these products came right on time for my now 4 month stretch! I didn’t realize how much these products would help me through the struggle of the big stretch. I usually stick with 2 month stretches but my hair had been more manageable. Now that I’m 4 months in its definitely time relax, But on to the review.


I started by using the Castor & Emu Hair Growth Oil. This oil does not smell good at all but it does possess some of my favorite oils like castor oil, tea tree oil, jojoba oil, and many more great ingredients.


Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.35.01 AM

This Organic Aloe and Neem Hair Conditioning Mist was by far my favorite product in this line! It was definitely a spray of fresh product (if that makes any sense lol). Its light weight feel and cold mist is the perfect feeling on my hair when moisturizing. It really does soften the hair and has been a major key in helping me during this stretch! If anything I would buy this product over and over again! I HIGHLY recommend.

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.35.24 AM

Last but not least is my second favorite product in this line! The Mango and Kokum Butter Whipped Hair & Body Butter. I would call this coco nut oil on steroids! Its smooth and soft and melts right in your hand. Although on the site the consistency looks more like a creme and when the product arrived to me it had turned into somewhat of a solid. Not sure if thats the companies intentions but the product has been a dream to me.


I love supporting black owned businesses and I have to give it to Bisou. The presentation of these products are modern and sleek, the products are advertised the right way and do just what the description says they do. Great Great products that I stand behind.

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The Break Down | The 3 Parts of my Relaxed Hair

So many times I have witnessed ladies on youtube showing off their hair but they NEVER show in detail the true condition of it. This became important to me and my channel because I do not want to portray my journey as perfect because it is far from it! Instead I want to take my friends along with me and show my obstacles and how I over come them!.

In 2016 my hair was at its peak! It was the best it had ever been! It was So beautiful and every inch of my hair seemed to be growing in unison with the other. This is #HAIRGOALS to me. A full healthy head of hair is what I strive to have everyday.

Screen Shot 2017-09-23 at 8.43.17 PM.png

Just to show a screen shot from my photo shoot it seemed like every hair on my head fell at the same position. I was so happy with the look of my hair and I tried very hard to keep it this way. But then life happens and I had a couple set backs and the beginning of 2017 I decided to chop off more than I need to cut and get layers for a new look, you know a new feel.

This video shows just that, 6 months post my mini chop trying to get the pieces of my hair back together again! It’s definitely growing and the cut made me realize that un-layered hair is more me!

Like anything in life you have to be real with yourself to be able to identify a problem and fix it! These sections will make you see your hair for what it is and make you face the truth to help your hair in the long run! Getting on camera and showing the world your flaws is as real as it gets! If you get the courage to post it on social media and tag me!

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Wash Day Hair Wall | The Benefits

My “Hair Wall” is the hair that comes out during my wash day routine. This can be shedded hair or breakage but you will never know until you take a closer look at it! This process just took me a further step into my hair journey because by doing this it helps me take a closer look at my hair and what its doing. The benefits of having a hair wall are:


  • Is there any breakage during wash day??

If you have a lot of short hairs coming out during wash day this is not a good sign. This means that your strands aren’t strong enough to endure a wash day and you need to get your strands stronger and healthier. This can mean a protein treatment or this may mean the products your using are too harsh. You can use your shedded long strands to run test on to see what your hair needs.

  • Whats my hair porosity??

The porosity of your hair is important and vital to know especially during wash days. Take your shedded hairs and do a porosity test on them. This will also aide you in knowing what products would work best and how much of it is needed.

  • Whats the health of my strands??

When looking at your hair wall you will be able to see the density/thickness of your strands. If your short strands are thin and your shedded strands are thicker that may mean that your short strands were split ends. If the shedded strand starts out thick and then gets thin that mean you have some dead ends that need to be trimmed.

Remember hair shedding is normal, the average person looses between 50-100 strands of hair a day. I hope you all enjoyed learning the benefits of my hair wall and hopefully you all show me what your hair wall is looking like! post it on social media and tag me!

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The Journey | Ep. 3

Who would of knew that the Journey would get so much BUZZ! I can see that so many people are loving these episodes (and hating lol) and I will keep them coming! It’s funny because I started the journey for my subscriber to see more relaxed women but I find myself learning so much from interacting with these beauties.

It’s so rewarding learning from other women about hair care in general because the truth is, one person doesn’t know it all! Two minds are better than one!

The purpose of the Journey is to show how confidence exudes out of women of color. How working towards a healthy hair goal can be a journey we all take together. In this new day and age we can put away the straight hair stereotypes and the “true meaning” of relaxers because there is a new definition. WE DEFINE the style of our hair and own it with truth.

So to confidence, truth, and Black Girl MAGIC

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Why My Relaxed Hair Can’t Be Afrocentric?

Last year around this time I was so inspired to do the #WhyILoveMyRelaxedHair tag and I thought to myself how could I take it up a notch? This idea came to me in many different ways, I wanted to get an African Print outfit so bad but I didn’t understand why! Then I came across @twodollarsricher on Instagram and she had her hair in this beautiful braided style and I thought to myself that I had to have that style with my outfit. Then It all came together when @Healthyhairjunkie tagged me in a post that asked the question:

“Black women with relaxed hair can’t be Afrocentric.” How closely are the two linked? Do you think our hair makes a statement before we do, or is it just hair?

A light bulb went off in my head and I thought that’s it! Im being featured in @itsmyhairmag magazine and I wrote about relaxed hair having no correlation to me wanting to be another race or not loving myself. So this question just made everything come together and make sense for my visual project.

Being Afrocentric starts within and can be expressed from the outside. The purpose of this visual project is to show my confidence and dress in African print attire and wear braids in my relaxed hair to show no matter how I look on the outside or how I do my hair I love being black! Black is magic and I absolutely adore it because thats who I am!

People get so carried away with their thoughts and perception of women who have relaxed hair. So my answer to her question is, being afrocentric and having relaxed hair have no linkage. Yes our hair makes a statement, just as our fashion, nails, or taste in decor. But no matter what I do my hair will always have texture and there is no flatiron or hot comb that can change that.

And guess what? I’m 100% okay with that, I LOVE that. So just like you think your “being” Afrocentric with your natural hair, I’m being Afrocentric with my beautifully textured straight hair because no other race can have yaky straight hair like me!

Thanks for following me on my relaxed hair journey and don’t forget to follow @itsmyhairmag to get your issue of volume 2 to read my article because it’s GOOD!

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Outfit by: @HisTailorMadeVisions

Makeup by: @MUAShanayMiller

Visual Project by: @AshleyCanay

The Journey | Relaxed Hair Ep.1

After sharing my own journey with my audience I decided it would be a great idea to share the journey of others! There are so many different textures of relaxed hair and Its all around me, I just want you to see what I see! The Journey will take you through the stories of many different relaxed ladies so you can hear what they have to say about being relaxed. This series is also a continuation of the #WhyILoveMyRelaxedHair movement to keep you ladies inspired and I hope you enjoy!

So the first episodes features my best friend Taylor.

In her episode she gives all her secrets, tips,  and tricks to growing long healthy relaxed hair. She also reveals some of the struggles she has had since being relaxed. Her story is so amazing and inspiring. She also includes a special treat, showcasing her wig collection!

@Taylormade_stylez on Instagram

Be on the look out for episode 2, we may get a peak in an actual hair salon! Until next time

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Voluminous Wand Curls

I ALWAYS try to create voluminous styles with relaxed hair because people seem to think its impossible! Not only can we achieve sleek straight looks but we can also get the big puffy voluminous look.

I am 2  months post relaxer so this was the best time to create these beautiful wand curls. After a good blow dry, my hair was set and ready to be wanded. After using the hot tool on 380 degrees it came out a little something like this:

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 10.06.14 PM.png

I could have left it like this but the look I was going for, I wanted BIG! So I fluff and separated the curls to get the most perfect look with so much volume. My roots aided in the bigness because boy am I due for a relaxer!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Enjoy! Until next time loves.

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